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Castrol Drive On Campaign - Enhancing Truck Driver Experience

In the realm of automotive lubricants, one brand stands out for its exceptional strategies in reaching and engaging its target audience. Castrol, a prominent name in the industry, has ingeniously tapped into the world of long-haul truck drivers, establishing a connection that not only boosts brand awareness but also enhances the overall driving experience. The campaign, aptly titled "Drive On," is a masterstroke of creativity and effectiveness, solidifying Castrol's position as a frontrunner in the competitive market.


Navigating the ever-evolving landscape of the Vietnamese market, Castrol identified a unique challenge: how to engage with long-haul truck drivers, a mobile and often elusive customer base without fixed addresses. With an economy on the rise and increasing incomes leading to a surge in motorcycle ownership, Castrol had already capitalized on the most popular oil-change points - car wash and service stations. However, the brand aspired to reach a new target: long-haul truck drivers.


In a stroke of brilliance, Castrol launched the "Drive On" campaign, centering around a powerful tool: the Castrol app. This application would bridge the gap between Castrol and its intended audience, allowing seamless communication and engagement despite the drivers' unpredictable routes. The app's unique features would not only serve as a conduit for crucial updates but also enhance the overall driving experience.


One pivotal insight Castrol gleaned from its research was the deep connection between long-haul drivers and their trucks. These drivers often personified their vehicles, naming them after loved ones. Castrol realized that drivers cared more about their trucks' well-being than their own, making the trucks the focal point of their attention. This insight formed the basis for the campaign's innovative strategy.

Communication Approach

A major challenge in engaging long-haul drivers lay in their lack of fixed locations. Recognizing that their constant companion on the road was their mobile phones, Castrol devised an ingenious solution. The brand harnessed the power of mobile phones as a communication tool. Castrol's app became a vehicle for personalized and effective communication, ensuring that drivers received crucial updates and reminders while on the go.


The implementation of the "Drive On" campaign was a multi-faceted endeavor that seamlessly integrated digital technology and real-world touchpoints. Long-haul drivers were encouraged to register through the Castrol app, providing essential information about themselves and their trucks. This data served as the foundation for tailor-made communication and engagement.

Touchpoints of Impact

Castrol strategically positioned 12 designated "Castrol CRB Pit Stops" at major trucking hubs and an additional four mobile pit stops along long-haul routes. These stops served multiple purposes:

  • Enhancing Brand Awareness: Brochures and leaflets about Castrol's offerings were distributed, boosting brand recognition.

  • Data Collection: The campaign's focal point, the Castrol app, facilitated data collection for building a comprehensive database. Drivers registered their contact details, truck brand, usage duration, and preferred lubricant.

  • Customer Services: Castrol offered additional services such as towels, coffee, and massages to alleviate the rigors of long journeys.


The "Drive On" campaign yielded impressive results that underscored its effectiveness and resonance with the target audience. In a market with approximately 358,000 light-weight trucks, Castrol managed to engage over 12,000 long-haul drivers and receive detailed registrations from more than 6,294 drivers.

One of the most notable aspects of the campaign was its impressive return on investment. The cost per contact, at $1.58, was remarkably efficient compared to traditional media options. For context, airing a 4-minute TV commercial during peak hours on a prominent Vietnamese TV channel costs nearly seven times the campaign's cost per contact. Moreover, the campaign execution time of 4 minutes per driver proved to be an efficient use of their valuable attention.

The "Drive On" campaign garnered impressive participation rates. Approximately 8 out of 10 drivers who encountered the Castrol CRB Pit Stops chose to register through the Castrol app. This high level of engagement indicated the campaign's resonance and the drivers' enthusiasm to embrace the innovative solution.

The campaign's excellence was acknowledged through prestigious awards. The "Drive On" campaign received the coveted Bạch Kim AMES Award in 2015, along with three Bronze and one Silver SMARTIES Vietnam Awards in 2014. These accolades not only validate the campaign's impact but also recognize Castrol's prowess in innovative marketing strategies.

In conclusion, Castrol's "Drive On" campaign has not only elevated brand awareness but also revolutionized the way long-haul truck drivers engage with their vehicles and lubricants. This innovative approach, powered by the Castrol app, serves as a remarkable example of how technology and creativity can synergize to create exceptional results. Castrol's commitment to understanding its audience and crafting tailored solutions cements its position as a trailblazer in the ever-evolving world of automotive lubricants.


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