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Ashima and the Flavorful Tribute Campaign

Amidst a sea of flavor-focused campaigns in the food and beverage industry today, Ashima's approach centered around the concept of "flavorfulness" marked a breakthrough, leaving a distinctive imprint in the minds of their target audience - modern women with a refined culinary taste.


In the F&B industry, the emphasis on the taste of the dishes has always been a prerequisite. Most contemporary marketing campaigns focus on tantalizing consumers' taste buds with mouthwatering imagery and articles that highlight fresh ingredients and enticing flavors.

However, the story of "eating well" still doesn't entirely satisfy the increasingly discerning culinary tastes of modern diners, especially women. They believe that dining is not just about savoring delicious flavors but also about supporting their health and beauty needs.

Understanding this psychological aspect, Ashima's "Mushroom and Beauty Season VIII" campaign aimed to break away from the conventional narrative of flavor and lead in a campaign that caters to the aesthetic preferences of their target audience.


  • To garner attention and increase brand awareness for Ashima - Natural Mushroom Hotpot.

  • To establish a brand connection with the target users - Women and health-conscious individuals.

  • To cultivate a habit of choosing healthy eating and create long-lasting bonds with consumers.


Most Vietnamese women lack self-awareness of their own beauty, which is why nurturing and enhancing their beauty has never been a priority for many. Busy work schedules and misguided self-care habits often deter women from pursuing a healthy beauty regimen. Moreover, the pursuit of societal standards of beauty has led many women to "forget" their inner worth. Many women are willing to spend a significant amount on beauty treatments, yet when asked about themselves, they have never been confident in asserting their attractiveness.

So, how can the journey from health to self-consciousness no longer be a "half-season" determination?


To break down the invisible barriers in women's beauty journeys, Ashima embarked on a mission to explore their sense of beauty, a key factor in building strong motivation for self-care. The strategy was how Ashima operationalized its primary communication mission:

  • To make every woman acutely aware of her own allure, thereby increasing the motivation to nurture and maximize her inner beauty.

  • To skillfully connect Ashima's Natural Mushroom Hotpot product with consumers on an emotional level, beyond simply focusing on introducing its functions and the nutritional value of premium mushrooms.

Creative Idea

Starting with the strategy of exploring their customers' sense of beauty, Ashima triggered a beauty motivation campaign with the message, "As women, let's always be attractive." However, "Where does your attractiveness come from?" - that was the open-ended question that helped Ashima lead women on a journey to discover their hidden inner beauty.


The journey to capture consumers' hearts by Ashima followed these main steps:

  • Creating attention through the video, "The Attractiveness of Every Woman," and evoking pride in their inner beauty.

  • Spreading this pride through community activities.

Viral Clip

Initially, Ashima focused on honoring the unique allure of each woman. They reached out to influential women in the community, delving into their journeys of nurturing and enhancing their charm.

The video defined the allure of women with five distinctive flavors: Intelligence, Charisma, Beauty, Figure, and Sophistication.

Using an interview format, the video vividly depicted the concept and the process of preserving and enhancing the charm of modern women:

  • Every woman has her unique allure. The important thing is to be consciously aware of this gift and cherish and nurture it.

The video conveyed a clear message: Women use INTELLIGENCE to assert their position and pursue their dreams, use CHARISMA to radiate positive energy that attracts everyone, take care of BEAUTY to add freshness to life, maintain their FIGURE to build confidence in every step, and harness SOPHISTICATION to find peace and happiness.

This uniqueness helped Ashima create a considerable wave of inspiration within the community.

Digital Media

In terms of community involvement, Ashima provided an extra push for women to express their flavorful views through the "Always Be Attractive as Women" Declaration contest and the creative aesthetic design contest, "Attractiveness from Mushrooms."

These contests served as effective means of connecting and spreading emotions between Ashima and women. Here, the desire to nurture and enhance their attractiveness became a motivation for consumers to choose and thus establish a stronger connection with Ashima's healthy menu.


Continuing the success in shaping and spreading women's pride in their attractiveness, Ashima further amplified the campaign with the "Women & Attractiveness" Talkshow event. The event allowed every woman to actively explore and express their unique allure through various engaging activities, such as conversations with the influential figures Trac Thuy Mieu, designer Quynh Paris, and Miss Vietnam Do My Linh.

Especially, the stories shared during the talk show genuinely captivated women by addressing the important relationship between inner beauty and physical appearance, providing practical solutions to maintain each person's allure.


After 3 months of implementation, Ashima's flavor tribute campaign achieved significant milestones:

  • Impressions increased by 150%.

  • Share of voice increased by 200%.

  • Revenue grew by 10% in 2 months.

Notably, in the F&B industry, Ashima's reversal of fortunes elevated dining into a refined, healthy lifestyle choice for the modern generation of diners, thereby earning full appreciation from the target audience.

This campaign not only celebrated flavor but also the unique attractiveness within each woman, transforming dining into an empowering experience and making Ashima an integral part of their lives.


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