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Viso's New White Shirt, New Beginning Campaign


Viso, a well-known detergent brand in Vietnam, faced challenges like reduced brand awareness and market share due to intense competition. The brand needed to reinforce its key attribute of "superior whiteness" in a cost-effective manner. In the first year of the campaign, the focus was on re-establishing an emotional connection with core consumers while emphasizing the brand's key attribute.

Historical Significance

With a history dating back to 1961, Viso had been a trusted household name among Vietnamese mothers, especially in the Southern rural areas. However, increased competition from both local and international brands threatened Viso's market position.


In Vietnam, mothers prioritize superior brightness for their family's clothes, particularly for their children's uniforms. They seek quality detergents like Viso for achieving this goal. To reconnect with these mothers and strengthen brand loyalty, Viso needed a unique and cost-effective campaign.


To achieve the campaign's objectives and foster emotional connections, Viso initiated the "VISO - NEW WHITE SHIRT, NEW BEGINNING" fund. This fund aimed to support underprivileged students by providing scholarships and freshly washed T-shirts with "superior whiteness" to help them start the school year confidently.


  • Fund Establishment: Viso partnered with the Ministry of Education and HCM Youth Union to establish the "VISO - NEW WHITE SHIRT, NEW BEGINNING" fund.

  • Mobile Engagement: Recognizing that digital was a key medium to reach their target audience, Viso collaborated with the largest local telecom provider, VIETTEL. They developed a location-based SMS targeting solution, allowing consumers to subscribe, receive reminders, and participate in Viso's product sampling.

  • PR and Online Promotion: To further amplify participation, Viso utilized display banners and online PR. Additionally, they leveraged their partnership with VIETTEL to create the first-ever location-based interactive communication SMS solution in Vietnam.


  • The location-based approach significantly increased engagement, with over 547,637 impressions delivered and more than 425,847 unique subscribers (reaching 78% of the target audience in real-time data).

  • Approximately 19% of the reached audience responded to the brand's message.

  • Every one-third of the engaged audience confirmed their participation in the event.

  • These results were 6 times higher than the industry benchmark, enhancing the overall impact of the marketing campaign.

  • Over 50,000 T-shirts were donated and freshly washed, preparing underprivileged children for a successful school year.


Viso's innovative use of SMS solutions, combined with the nation's love for cleanliness and community support, proved highly successful. In the face of market share losses to competitors, Viso successfully reconnected with consumers, reinforced its brand attributes, and achieved significant engagement at minimal cost.


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