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Tesco aims to change attitudes about mobile networks with new campaign

Tesco Mobile is launching a new campaign to promote its mobile network: This is Mobile Supermarket.

Tesco starts new mobile network campaign

From the “freeze tariff” aisle, to the “new deal” counter – the supermarket and mobile worlds clash in the network’s largest-ever integrated campaign full of detailed information. details below.

The ‘Mobile Supermarket’ campaign, launched April 2 across TV, OOH, PR and social media, enlivens all the ways Tesco Mobile brings the best of Tesco into its network.

The online campaign aims to connect with shoppers in Tesco, highlighting all the perks that can’t be competed with your phone in the supermarket, including flat contract prices, discounted prices Daily value on mobile phones, the latest in wearable technology and technology, as well as perks for families and can help put food on the table with Clubcard Plus.

Rachel Swift, CMO of Tesco Mobile, said: “Our campaign showcases the amazing things that happen when Tesco and mobile come together. We want to show our customers all we have to offer – things they can’t get from other networks such as incomparable value and being treated like family, not just a baby. number.

“We are different from other mobile networks, and this campaign shows how proud we are to be different.”

The ad, created by BBH, follows shoppers as they explore the aisles of the ‘Tesco Mobile Supermarket’ – a fictional store where each unique network benefit is represented as an antique supermarket landmark dictionary.

Shoppers enter the store and head to the bakery, where value is ‘baked in’, through the ‘fresh deals’ section, then to the ‘frozen aisle’, which represents the network’s frozen contract price grid – and ends at checkout where Shoppers get a discount on groceries thanks to Clubcard Plus.

Lawrence Bushell, Creative at BBH said: “For years, Tesco Mobile has been seen as a bit of an outlier – what is a supermarket doing to run a mobile network? We want to change the perception and turn the supermarket in the mobile space into a strength. ”

The campaign will roll out across TV, OOH, PR, digital and social channels from 2 April with media planning and purchasing handled by MediaCom UK.


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