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Pepsi Muối Case Study: A Flavorful Twist to Tet Celebrations

The Tet holiday season marks a crucial time for many brands, including Pepsi, to capture the attention of customers amidst numerous festive campaigns. In early 2018, Pepsi underwent a transformation in its Tet marketing approach, introducing the "Pepsi Muối" campaign that stirred up considerable buzz in the community. By inviting everyone to open a can of Pepsi Muối and embracing the message, "Each of us is a grain of salt that makes Tet more flavorful," Pepsi ignited discussions across social media platforms. Ultimately, this bold, intriguing, and meaningful 2018 Tet campaign created a significant impact.


Tet, the Vietnamese Lunar New Year, is a time for family gatherings and celebrations. However, the rapid advancement of technology, the rise of social media, and digital entertainment have somewhat disconnected people from real-world interactions during the festive season.

As a leading beverage brand consumed primarily during social gatherings and celebrations, Pepsi aimed to bring people together during Tet by conveying a meaningful message through Pepsi Muối - a standout campaign that embodies Pepsi's unique style.


Pepsi faced two primary challenges with this campaign. Firstly, in a crowded Tet advertising landscape, the brand aimed to stand out and become a top-of-mind brand during Tet, specifically targeting a spot in the top 5 among consumers. Secondly, Pepsi aimed to associate its brand with Tet in its own unique way, using imagery and advertising messages related to the holiday.


In interviews conducted by Pepsi, people across generations expressed a sense of Tet becoming increasingly lackluster due to reduced real-world connections and more time spent on social media. However, the deep-seated desire for a warm and connected Tet celebration remained.


As a brand symbolizing dynamism and youthfulness, Pepsi wanted to engage with the younger generation in its unique style and make a significant impact during Tet. To achieve this, Pepsi initiated discussions around the concept of "Tet nhạt" or "bland Tet" through Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) and viral clips. To deepen the narrative, Pepsi posed the question, "Why is Tet bland?" and guided the audience through the "Think - Feel - Do" stages of the campaign. The word "nhạt" or "bland" served as the key to unlocking the "Đã" or "Flavorful" aspect of Pepsi. Opening a Pepsi was akin to opening up a more connected Tet celebration.

Pepsi meticulously considered the touchpoints of its diverse customer base. While the "Tet nhạt" narrative primarily targeted the younger generation and the followers of KOLs, Pepsi used imagery to reach shoppers. Leveraging its youthful and energetic brand image, Pepsi incorporated the image of a lively lion dance on Tet Pepsi packaging, creating a festive atmosphere and signifying "welcoming the lion home."

Creative Idea

Building upon the familiar slogan "Đã quá Pepsi ơi!" (Pepsi, it's already awesome!), Pepsi introduced the idea of "Đã quá Tết ơi!" (Tet, it's already awesome!) in line with the brand's spirit. The Pepsi Muối campaign, with its narrative of a bland Tet, was a small-scale tactic designed to create stopping power, enticing consumers to pause, listen, and engage with Pepsi's story. Pepsi called upon everyone to connect during Tet, guiding the audience to "open a can of Pepsi, open up Tet celebrations."


The Pepsi Muối campaign comprised three main phases:

Phase 1: Teasing Pepsi Muối and generating curiosity through KOLs.

Phase 2: Unveiling Pepsi Muối and delivering the message to encourage people to connect more during Tet. This phase involved TVC (television commercials) and viral clips.

Phase 3: Concrete actions to foster a truly connected Tet celebration.

Pepsi utilized various digital channels, including Facebook, viral clips, web app games, PR efforts, and traditional TV commercials.


Amidst numerous Tet campaigns in early 2018, the Pepsi Muối campaign managed to garner significant attention and achieved noteworthy results:

  • Ranked in the top 3 brands in the "Top-of-Mind" category during Tet 2018.

  • Secured the second position for the best Tet TVC in 2018.

  • Garnered 1,848,147 interactions on social media.

  • Received 143,186 social media mentions.

  • Achieved over 3,400,000 views on YouTube for the TVC.

  • The viral clip reached 260,000 views and more than 3,000 shares on Facebook.

  • The short film "Đúng Tết nhà mình rồi Muối ơi!" amassed over 11,200,000 views on YouTube.

The Pepsi Muối campaign successfully achieved its objectives by making a memorable impact during Tet, connecting with the younger generation, and reinforcing the brand's association with the festive season.


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