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Online sport equipment transactions spike by over 80% amid pandemic

Sports equipment ecommerce transaction volume had a change of 83.4% in the last week compared to the first week of January this year, due to the coronavirus pandemic forcing people out of gyms and into home workout routines, according to new research.

Online sport equipment transactions spike by over 80% amid pandemic

Data gathered by indicates that supermarkets had the second-highest change in transaction evolution at 66.5% followed by the retail tech at 45.9% while home furnishing DIY recorded a change of 41.8%. Cosmetics with a change of 41.6% closed the top five categories.

Elsewhere, media had a change of 30.7% followed by bank and insurance change of 25.9%. Luxury registered a transaction evolution change of 22.6% followed by fashion at 19.7% while the jewellery and watch industry had a transaction difference of 17.1%. Telcom had a change of 13.6% followed by retail healthcare at 1.8%. Unsurprisingly, tourism had a negative change at -30%.

With social distancing measures being imposed, fitness centres were closed.

According to the research report: “In the wake of the pandemic, global economies shutdown with people shunning away from public spaces. With the spread of coronavirus, gyms were closed and people resorted to home work out leading to a spike in demand for sports equipment like skipping ropes, kettlebells, dumbbells, and treadmills.”

The research also overviewed the e-commerce website traffic evolution of different industries between the previous week and the pre-COVID-19 period. Supermarkets recorded the highest traffic change at 35.3% followed by sports equipment at 34.2% while retail tech registered a traffic change of 27.8%.

Banking and Insurance had a change of 14.9% followed by cosmetics at 13.2% while jewellery and watch websites registered a traffic change of 11.6%. The Telecom sector had a variation of 8.0% followed by home furnishing DIY at 6.9% while fashion had 2.1%. Luxury had one of the least traffic changes at 0.5%. Elsewhere, the tourism sector is among entities that recorded negative traffic change at -31.1%. Retail healthcare also had a negative change at -43.8% with media accounting for a change of -46.4% during the period under review.


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