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Almost half (45%) of all online content is not seen (but visibility is improving)

Nearly half (45%) of online content goes undetected, but that’s down from 69% in 2020, according to a new study.

Almost half (45%) of all online content is not seen (but visibility is improving)

Contentsquare’s global benchmarking study shows that while 45% is still a significant number, the number has in fact fallen in recent years. In Contentsquare’s 2020 benchmark, it was found that up to 69% of all online content goes unseen.

‘Digital Experience Benchmark 2021’ combines global Contentsquare data from over 20 billion individual web sessions collected across 900 sites, providing amazing insights into understood user behaviors wrong before. By analyzing more than 20 billion web sessions from the world’s biggest brands, Contentsquare’s ‘Digital Experience Benchmark 2021’ reveals that:

• The amount of unseen content has really decreased over the past year • Beauty (60%) and apparel (59%) have the highest amount of invisible content • Travel sites (33%), B2B (35%) and financial services (36%) have the lowest rates • The majority of unseen content is on mobile (49%), followed by desktop (46%)

The study found that rates were significantly higher for the beauty (60%) and apparel (59%), industries that tend to have multiple product display pages. At the other end of the spectrum, the travel (33%), B2B (35%) and financial services (36%) industries have the lowest percentages of content ever.

The Contentsquare report also shows that when it comes to devices, the most unviewed content is on mobile devices (49%), followed by desktops (46%) and tablets (39%).

Commenting on these findings, Niki Hall, CMO at Contentsquare said, “Sometimes more is not better. With 45% of your site’s content unseen, perhaps it’s time to take a step back from creating new material and re-evaluate how your brand is promoting its best performing content. Our advice is to focus your energy on identifying key pieces of content that bring value to your customers, and then optimize and increase their visibility to drive engagement. maximum from your investments. This could include revisiting and promoting existing pieces of content, or even just fixing the navigation on your site to make sure it doesn’t get buried. “

The study also compared the percentage of content viewed with the average scroll rate to better understand the amount of page content a visitor is viewing during a browsing session. With an industry-wide average scrolling rate of 56.8%, just under half of the pages visited in a session remain invisible to visitors.


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