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Tiki Legendary Sale Season 11.11 - 12.12: A Case Study


Tiki, a prominent e-commerce platform in Vietnam, embarked on a robust marketing campaign titled "Tiki's Legendary Sale Season 11.11 - 12.12." This case study delves into the details of this campaign, showcasing how it played a significant role in the year-end shopping frenzy.


As consumer demand for year-end shopping surges, the e-commerce market in Vietnam experiences heightened activity due to various promotional events. Tiki capitalized on this opportunity by launching the "Legendary Sale Season" campaign, offering discounts of up to 91% from November 9th to December 15th, 2018. With only 2.7% of Vietnamese consumers shopping online, this campaign aimed to tap into this market potential, expand its brand recognition, and provide a convenient and reliable shopping destination for both office workers and families.

Multi-Channel Media Approach

The campaign utilized various multimedia channels, including TV commercials (TVC), public relations (PR), social media, digital marketing, and out-of-home (OOH) advertising.


Business Objectives:

  • Increase market share and establish Tiki as a tech-savvy company in Vietnam.

  • Provide a unique online shopping experience, offering genuine products and fast 2-hour delivery through TikiNOW.

Marketing and Communication Objectives:

  • Boost brand recognition, emphasizing Tiki's diverse product offerings in 26 different categories.

  • Foster customer loyalty and affection for the brand, promoting "Brand Love" within the target audience.

Campaign Insights

  • Discount and Bargains: Vietnamese consumers appreciate good prices, discounts, and freebies. Tiki's direct approach of "Legendary Sale" and "91% Off" in the TVC effectively captured customers' price-conscious mindset.

  • Quick Delivery: Rapid delivery is a key concern for online shoppers. Tiki focused on promoting its "2-hour delivery" service, ensuring customers received their orders promptly.

  • Numerical Impact: Instead of generic messaging like "attractive offers" or "fast delivery," Tiki used specific figures, such as "Sale 91%" and "2 hours," to make the campaign memorable.

  • Celebrity Endorsement: Customers tend to trust brands more when endorsed by celebrities. Tiki wisely partnered with well-known Vietnamese celebrities, Trường Giang and Nhã Phương, to build trust.


The campaign capitalized on the trend of music marketing, creating a catchy jingle as the primary medium to deliver the campaign's message. This melodic jingle featured the slogan "Sale 91%" and "Delivered within 2 hours" to convey the core selling points of the campaign. Notably, the campaign embraced Trường Giang and Nhã Phương as brand ambassadors, signaling a shift towards appealing to a more mature audience while maintaining its brand loyalty among younger consumers.

Creative Idea

"Can you believe it? Tiki's sale is up to 91%!"

The campaign slogan, "Legendary Sale Season," resonated with customers' desire for year-end deals. The "Sale 91%" and "Delivered within 2 hours" messages were continuously reinforced throughout the campaign.


The campaign spanned four weeks, with three key phases:

  • Launching: The official TVC launch created initial buzz around the campaign.

  • Engagement: This phase involved engaging with social media audiences and fostering discussions.

  • Sustaining: The campaign's heat was maintained through on-ground activities and live streams.

Media Channels

  • TVC: The TVC effectively ignited the campaign, becoming a core medium.

  • Social Media: The campaign engaged social platforms like YouTube and Facebook, spurring conversations.

  • PR: PR efforts focused on introducing the TVC, highlighting notable online responses, and analyzing the campaign's success.

  • Out-of-Home (OOH): This offline strategy utilized cinemas, billboards, taxis, public transportation, and digital screens.


Business Outcomes:

  • TikiNOW witnessed thousands of orders for 2-hour delivery, primarily in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City.

  • Products in the baby category, including diapers, recorded the highest number of orders, with brands like Huggies, Bobby, and Moony.

  • The beauty sector experienced a significant uptick in sales, particularly for L'Oréal products.

  • Electronic gadgets performed remarkably well, with Samsung and Apple products leading the way.

  • Books remained a top-selling category, with titles like "How to Win Friends and Influence People," "How Much is Your Youth Worth," and "Journey to the East" being favorites.

  • The "Lucky Spin Game" garnered over 60 million spins.

Communication Results:

  • Tiki's TVC on YouTube amassed 7.2 million views.

  • Engagement on Tiki's Facebook fan page reached nearly 150,000 interactions.

  • Brand searches for Tiki saw a 100% increase during the campaign period.

In addition, the campaign generated more than 8 million engagements on social media, reflecting its impact and popularity.

This case study highlights the effectiveness of Tiki's "Legendary Sale Season" campaign, providing valuable insights into its marketing strategy and impressive outcomes.


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