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Sanex launches ‘double-pronged campaign’ for new BiomeProtect range

Sanex launches ‘double-pronged campaign’ for new BiomeProtect range

Sanex has launched a new marketing campaign to launch their new BiomeProtect range, which is the result of over 5 years of dedicated research into the skin’s microbiome.

The new product range will be supported by a two-pronged £2m marketing campaign that looks to demonstrate the true power of our skin whilst educating consumers on the skin’s microbiome and how it helps to protect the body.

The campaigns will see the brand engaging influencers including GB Olympian Perri Shakes-Drayton and lifestyle blogger Hattie Bourn, as well as partnering with professional skin expert Dr.Ejikeme.

To further support the activity, Sanex will launch bus wraps in London and powerful OOH placement that uses integrated geotargetisation technology including retailer banner takeovers at Box Park Croydon and Eat Street Westfield.

The launch will see Sanex continuing its long-standing partnership with the British Skin Foundation; with all products in the range being certified by the charity. Sanex is also a proud gold sponsor for the British Skin Foundation’s More Than Skin Deep programme, launching in July this year. This news-style program will shine a light on the latest developments in dermatology including the skin microbiome. The program, which will launch at the British Association of Dermatologists’ Annual Conference and hosted on the British Skin Foundation website and Sanex’s social channels, will provide straight-talking and honest accounts from skin professionals and real people.

The new BiomeProtect range, which comprises of shower gels and deodorants, has been developed to protect the skin’s microbiome – nourishing the good bacteria, whilst targeting the bad. The microbiome is a layer of the skin consisting of millions of microorganisms, including thousands of species of bacteria, which protects our body and helps keep us healthy. Over-cleansing the skin can strip it of its natural microbiome barrier, removing both the ‘good’ and the ‘bad’ bacteria; this can leave it vulnerable to pollutants, infection, and dryness.

Using the expertise of dermatologists and scientists, the new formula contains a triple biotic complex that boosts the skin’s natural defences, whilst maintaining the skin’s natural pH balance, strengthening its barrier, and helping to improve hydration.

Christina Havaldar Northern Europe Marketing Manager for Personal Care comments: “At Sanex we are advocates for harnessing the natural power of our skin. Looking after our skin’s microbiome is so important in keeping it healthy, which is why we’ve launched the new BiomeProtect range; affordable and accessible personal care products that put the microbiome centre-stage. Using a digital-first and highly personalised approach, we will offer a mass audience the most advanced skincare products while keeping the skin at its healthy best.”

Phil Brady, Chief Operating Officer, British Skin Foundation comments, “The BSF is proud to continue its longstanding partnership with Sanex and to recognise its new BiomeProtect range that works to support the skin’s vital microbiome, a layer of the skin that protects our body and keeps us healthy.”


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