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HSBC - Vietnam’s Biggest Online Shopping Day: A Game-Changing Partnership

In a remarkable fusion of financial prowess and digital convenience, HSBC, one of Vietnam's prominent banking institutions, orchestrated a groundbreaking collaboration with the leading e-commerce platform, Lazada, to introduce a one-of-a-kind event – Vietnam’s biggest online Shopping Day. This strategic partnership not only redefined the online shopping landscape but also revolutionized the way consumers perceive credit card benefits and online discounts.

Unveiling the Confluence

The brainchild of this initiative stemmed from a crucial insight into the evolving spending patterns among existing HSBC credit cardholders. An astonishing 18% Year-Over-Year growth in card payments on the e-commerce platform indicated a shifting consumer preference towards digital transactions. In a nation where a staggering 95% of online shoppers opt for Cash on Delivery (COD), a vast window of opportunity opened up for HSBC to establish a firm footing.

Targeting the Tech-Savvy Audience

HSBC strategically aimed its sights on the urban-savvy populace of Vietnam, primarily between the ages of 25 to 45. This demographic, boasting a combination of educational attainment and technological adaptability, forms the core of the target audience. Spending an average of 3-4 hours online, this segment relies heavily on mobile devices, making them the ideal recipients of the campaign’s message.

The Momentum of Digital Shopping

Online shopping platforms have been rapidly gaining traction within this demographic, with a notable inclination towards seeking promotions and discounts for their online purchases. Notably, a staggering 60% of traffic on platforms like Lazada, Vietnam’s premier e-commerce portal, emanates from mobile devices. This revelation set the stage for a compelling strategy.

Crafting the Winning Strategy

Lazada emerged as the perfect conduit for HSBC to tap into a vast audience of Cash on Delivery online shoppers. Thus, the pioneering alliance was forged, leading to the inception of Vietnam’s biggest online Shopping Day – a synergy that would elevate the digital shopping experience to unprecedented heights. HSBC, in partnership with Lazada, conceptualized a monumental online shopping event, showering HSBC credit cardholders with exclusive discounts on a wide array of sought-after products.

A Symphony of Creativity

The brilliance of the campaign lay in its seamless integration into the user experience. Branded communication was strategically positioned across various display formats, ensuring maximum visibility across multiple devices. This ingenious placement ignited interest among online shoppers, resulting in a surge of leads for HSBC’s credit card offerings.

For existing customers, HSBC crafted irresistible offers to incentivize online shopping and propel credit card usage. Recognizing the predominance of mobile usage among their audience (50% of queries originated from mobile devices), HSBC tactfully divided its budget – 60% for desktop and 40% for mobile advertising.

From Concept to Reality

The execution of this visionary campaign was meticulously orchestrated. Display banners of varying sizes graced Lazada’s main page, delivering intricate details of the promotion well in advance of the shopping day. Clear and concise messages were placed strategically, serving as reminders during the customer’s shopping journey. Existing users were encouraged to embrace the discounts, thereby amplifying the usage of HSBC credit cards.

A Partnership that Resonated

This pioneering collaboration was a monumental feat – the first instance of a financial institution partnering with an e-commerce giant for credit card lead acquisition in Vietnam. The results spoke volumes: the shopping day garnered significantly higher traffic compared to regular days, surpassing the Key Performance Indicator (KPI) for sign-ups by an impressive 132%.

Cost-effectiveness also emerged as a hallmark, as Lazada's cost per lead was on par with the cost per lead from other digital channels, showcasing a remarkable efficiency. In terms of credit card usage, the number of transactions and payment volumes surged by 34% and 11% respectively, as HSBC credit cardholders seized the advantages of the partnership.

The Path Forward

HSBC's trailblazing initiative, Vietnam’s biggest online Shopping Day in partnership with Lazada, not only redefined the digital shopping experience but also showcased the immense potential of collaborations between financial institutions and e-commerce platforms. This strategic alliance elevated the digital landscape, ushering in a new era of convenience, discounts, and opportunities.

In a digital age driven by convenience, HSBC’s innovative collaboration with Lazada for Vietnam’s biggest online Shopping Day stands as a testament to the power of visionary partnerships. This historic event not only rewrote the rules of online shopping but also underscored the potential for financial institutions to seamlessly integrate with e-commerce giants. As digital transactions continue to shape consumer behavior, this monumental partnership serves as a beacon of innovative potential, reshaping the future of banking and shopping experiences.


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