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Amazon partners with Indian retail giant Future Retail to take on FlipKart

Amazon is working with Future Retail to expand the Indian retail chain online and take on rival FlipKart.

The two companies announced a signed agreement which would see Future Retail come to Amazon India marketplace.

Future Retail has more than 1,500 stores across India, but its online presence is very low.

Under the agreement, Amazon India will be the official sales channel for all Future Retail stores, including Big Bazaar and Foodhall. Amazon’s Prime Now service, currently available in Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru and Hderabad, will also become richer for Future Retail goods.

The focus will be on grocery shopping, general goods, fashion and clothing, as well as beauty products, the two companies confirmed.

Commenting on the partnership, Kishore Biyani, Chairman and Managing Director of Future Retail, said it would “allow us to build upon each other’s strengths in the physical and digital space so that customers benefit from the best services, products, assortment and price.”

The two firms have already worked together, just a few months ago, Amazon bought stakes in Future Coupons (a Future Retail spinoff), which gave it a 3.58 per cent stake in the business.


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